How do I apply to the Rockme GmbH?
Please apply exclusively through our career page to obtain a detailed picture as possible of your skills and interests, your information should be fully and carefully entered into the application form. A personal character receives your application online through your individual letter. Please be sure to add meaningful documents such as resume, transcripts , etc. of your application as an attachment. The following formats can be added with a maximum size of 7MB : DOC , PDF , JPG, TNP , GIF .

What do I do if I am interested in several job?
To allow for quick and easy editing, please apply separately for each post. Be certain to follow it , for each site to submit a full application .

What happens to my data?
By entering your data registered with us will be set automatically. In this case, your data will be stored in our database of candidates . After sending your online application , you will receive a user name and a password which enables you to have instant access to your data.

Can I apply directly via Email?
Please apply exclusively only through our job portal and avoid of applications by post or email.
Does it increases the chance of an application , if the applicant is calling you?
No, questions about the application process , or about this position can be made happy . All other questions are answered in the context of the interview . A call has no effect on the job application or decision-making process .

Who can I contact with questions?
In specific questions, please contact our recruiters Marco Referent 040-8900800.

I can not find a suitable job?
Of course you can apply anytime initiative . Please use also our Online-application

I forgot my password, how do I get a new one?
As an applicant, you have the option of returning users to create a new password via a self-service function in our job portal.

I forgot my username , how do I get a new one?
Please take in this case via the menu item Kontak feedback to us. By email we will send you a new user name .

Can I interrupt the application process and resume later?
Yes , this possibility exists without any loss of data or information .